Reviews is an Australian website that offers the online dating service for individuals with diverse sexual orientations. With this, the website also has a special feature service for individuals looking to make friends and new relationships. The website has around 75,000 users, and claims of being aware of the requirements of the users, when it comes to matches, as well as friendship. Main Features Reviewed

  • Signing Up

Any user can join this website for free, and, thus, create a basic profile, and, also add details regarding themselves, as well as some photos. 

  • Simple usage

It is simple to navigate the website, plus comparatively the website is user-friendly and there is a lot of pressure on customer support. Moreover, gives security advice to its users. Also, the website offers a variety of articles on dating.

  • Events

Also, is a social hub. The website provides lists of various parties, events, as well as other similar events for singles. The website offers all the info regarding these activities. Pros and Cons Reviewed


  • If you have a basic account, you can still browse through the website, before deciding to upgrade

  • The website offers free compatibility test

  • You can respond to the message, although you have a basic account

  • People of all sexual orientations can join

  • Users can send kisses to indicate interest in one another, and then use other media for communication

  • All in all the website is simple to use



  • Some features of the website are a little bit complex, and, it can take a little while to get a hang of it

  • The website involves a monthly membership fee. Prices Reviewed

There are no registration charges to join, and, the users can make a profile, and can go through the website with a basic plan. However, you require an upgrade and need to buy stamps if you want to start a chat from your side, and use other features. The fee is about AUD 6.99.Stamps (RSVPs currency). There is also an RSViP priority package, which can assist you to upsurge your chances on the website. This upgrade will give you a chance to highlight your profiles, and appear at the top of search results. The membership can be canceled whenever you want.

Overall: is a Scam or Trusted Site?

The reviews of show that it is a simple to navigate website, which has a free basic plan. It is a trusted site, however, some scam users can be found on the site, but, generally, it is easy to differentiate these scammers from genuine individuals. Also, there is a high possibility that the people, who find to be a scam must have felt this way because they were not able to find their ideal partner. It is best to enter these kinds of sites thinking of finding a friend, rather than finding “the one”.

  • Easy to use: 7/10
  • Easy registration: 5/10
  • Number of accounts: 5/10
  • Quality of profiles: 5/10
  • Simplicity of search: 7/10
  • Customer Support: 4/10
  • Price: 4/10
  • Good user activity
  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Not for dating, but for finding friend
  • No access to many features for free users
  • Financial Security: unknown
  • Innovation Features: yes
  • Services Variety: unknown
  • Scam: no
  • Free photo access: yes
  • Free message sending: yes
  • Two-way video chat: no reviews (5)

  1. Bobby
    August 14, 2019 at 6:24 PM

    I met a girl here and we often met in person. But our desires and plans for the future did not coincide, and we parted. I would like the site to add a function about user preferences not only in the profile but also as a signature for the photo.

  2. Derek
    January 15, 2019 at 4:27 PM

    If you are looking for a simple and understandable dating site without various distracting things, then I can advise site. I have been sitting here for more than a year and I have a lot of communication with women from my city. I like to communicate and learn people's stories. I choose adult women who have life experience. It is very simple to chat here but I would like to add groups chat. I found many new friends of interest. Site allow many people to communicate together and it would be very cool.

  3. TheBoss
    September 11, 2018 at 4:18 PM

    I joined this site some 2 months back, and was out of it in less than 24 hours. After making my account, and paying membership of 1 year, when I once again signed in, I was not able to do so. When I contacted their customer support, there was no response. I found out that they have a clause which states that they can remove any profile, without giving any reason, WHAT??? What about my membership. I have sent them several mails, and have even complained about them, and am still waiting! All my money is wasted on this stupid site

  4. Carsten
    May 30, 2018 at 9:02 AM

    From the outlook of things the site seems to be nice, easy to use, to register and navigate. But when it comes to using the features it is so difficult and not so easy to find way around it. If there could be a way to make them easier and more understandable. Apart from that, I like this site and the rating seems good.

  5. Aatu
    January 15, 2018 at 12:56 AM

    Can the membership fee please be clearly specified. I would like to know what I am paying for and how much it would be. Not alot of features are working for free which is understandable so kindly assist me by giving pricing ranges for the features and also for the membership. thanx.

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