Reviews is an online dating website, which lets the member get in touch with Russian or Ukrainian females. One can get certain detailed categories of the profiles on this website. The website can also work for people looking to get married, in case they get serious in the relationship. However, after you have spent enough time on this website, you will feel that the profiles are too good to be true. Main Features Reviewed

  • Signing Up

Any user can join this website for free, and, thus, create a profile, however, communication with the other person will require you to pay a particular cost, which will give you credits. 

  • Communication

The website offers the service of live video chat, and, messaging in person, however high costs are involved to use this feature. Pros and Cons Reviewed 


  • The women shown on the website are extremely beautiful and seem perfect to date

  • You can mark your favorite profiles

  • You can view the profiles for free.



  • You cannot communicate with the ladies for free, and your membership fee is required to chat with the ladies, and to use other features

  • When compared to other such sites, the membership fee is extremely high

  • The ladies showing interest appear fake, and, it seems that the profiles of the ladies are taken from other sites

  • Prior to signing up, the website does not clarify what all features will be available after paying the fee. Prices Reviewed

There are no registration charges to join, and, the members can make a profile, and view the website with a basic membership plan. However, you need to pay for credits in order to be able to utilize certain of the best features presented by These features include chatting with other females of your interest. In order to use the additional features, you will be required to purchase credits, the prices for which are extremely high. The site requires you to pay for each and everything, watching a video clip will be around $12. Even replying to the received messages is not free, and will require you to pay $5 for replying to each and every message. Obtaining any kind of personal information regarding your interest will require you to pay $25.

Overall: is a Scam or Trusted Site?

The reviews of show that the website is a scam. Many users have complained that they feel cheated after joining this website. In most of the cases, the profiles are fake, and the girls talk to men only for money. Some even state that the girls are paid money to write letters, and it is not every time the same person who replies to the emails. Also, the girls on this website, don’t look anything less than supermodels, and it is difficult to understand why such good looking girls will need such kind of a website to find a partner. There have been many cases, in which the girls have happily chatted with the person, but, made an excuse when asked to meet or share contact information. Moreover, many of the profiles seem to be taken from other social media sites, which further emphasis on the fact that it is actually scam.

  • Easy to use: 6/10
  • Easy registration: 5/10
  • Number of accounts: 7/10
  • Quality of profiles: 7/10
  • Simplicity of search: 5/10
  • Customer Support: 3/10
  • Price: 2/10
  • No registration fee
  • Free access to photos
  • Fake profiles/scammers
  • No free access
  • Financial Security: yes
  • Innovation Features: yes
  • Services Variety: yes
  • Scam: yes
  • Free photo access: yes
  • Free message sending: no
  • Two-way video chat: yes reviews (5)

  1. Harry
    November 25, 2019 at 10:36 PM

    romancecompass is a big scam! The ladies get a free professional photo shot and get their profiles published on that site. For all paid services offered there, the ladies get their share. So some of these girls earn some good money compared to the average Ukrainian income. That makes them write letters in order to earn money. After 15 letters you have the chance to get their private contact informations, at that moment you will never hear of them again! I have called one lady by phone, she told me she has no private email account and could communicate with me only by romancecompass message system. After some time later her profile was deleted and she switched to victoriahearts, which is the same scam!

  2. Louis
    October 01, 2018 at 6:12 PM

    I am from France, and I believe this site is a big scam. I met a woman on this site, and we decided to have a video chat. While I was on chat, I was getting messages on the chats. However, I soon noticed that she was not typing anything, and was just looking here and there. When I asked her about this, she told me that there was a translator in the room who was translating it for her. I was ok with it, however, I could not see anyone in the room, and moreover she was not talking to anyone, so how come the translator knew what she wanted to say? I blocked her immediately after ending the chat

  3. B. Johnny
    August 30, 2018 at 7:24 PM

    I was fooled by this site. As soon as registered myself here, I started getting messages from the girls, and many of them seemed genuine. I met a particular girl on this site, and we even talked through webcam. Everything was good between us, when I asked her why she was looking for a man in a foreign land, she told me that Ukraine men are not good, they don’t treat their wives well, and are usually alcoholics. Very well. We resumed our chats, but soon I stopped getting messages from her. I don’t know what happened, and I cannot say if she is actually in a problem, or found someone better than me. Best of luck with this site!

  4. Yong
    August 18, 2018 at 11:44 AM

    I joined this site sometime back, and got in touch with a girl. We were having a good time, but according to her, her phone was not working, neither was she on any of the networking sites. So, we kept talking on the site, and I continued spending money. But, one day I found her on a social working site, and she had no idea who I was, and told me that might be someone had stolen her pictures, as she had no idea about online dating. I was heartbroken, as this girl had taken me in her trust completely.

  5. Glen
    February 07, 2018 at 6:58 AM

    I was a member of this site for more than 4 years. What I could say about this site. I thought that these women seem to be real! There were chats and letters. There weren't bad. But I didn't find the right lady here. I have some doubts that the woman are sincere and they look for a serious relatioship. They even don't answer to the questions.

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