Reviews is part of an online dating company which has operated for a number of years. It provides a matching service for men and women looking to find love with people from other countries and has approximately 83,000 members. It is especially popular with women from Eastern Europe but also used by women from South America and Asia as well as other countries. Main Features Reviewed

The site isn’t like other international dating sites and, compared to them, offers limited features: it doesn’t help with travel or visa arrangements, for example. Instead, focuses on introducing people to each other through its online platform. Pro and Cons Reviewed

  • With almost the same number of male and female users, the easily navigable site can be used for free, allowing people to try the service out and identify possible matches before purchasing a membership.

  • When you sign up, you are required to complete a profile which is moderated before it goes live. Customer’s report having to complete these several times before they are accepted; in some instances, they’ve said their profiles haven’t been accepted or were changed by moderators without consent, leading to frustration and individuals potentially being misrepresented.

  • As an international service, there is a wide range of men and women looking for potential partners. There are, however, a large number of Eastern Europe women and reviews highlight this as a potential problem as it can mean scams. If you are communicating with someone from another country, translation services are available, but they are automatic and not always the best, making talking to potential matches difficult. Prices Reviewed

You can become a free member of, which also offers gold and platinum memberships. As a free member, you cannot access most of the features, e.g. video chat and voicemail, which are only available to platinum members. 

Basic (or Gold) monthly membership


Cost (USD)
1 Month
3 Months
$69.99 ($23.33 per a month)
12 Months
$140.04 ($11.67 per a month)


Platinum membership


Cost (USD)
1 Month
3 Months
$79.98 ($26.66 per a month)
12 Months
$159.96 ($13.33 per a month)


Once you have paid your membership there are no additional costs.

Overall: is a Scam or Trusted Site? are part of a larger company that verify members prior to adding them to the site. This verification process, however, can be time-consuming and frustrating for individuals if they do not fill in their profiles exactly as want them to. Reviews of the site, however, are mixed and this seems to depend on where people are signing-up from. Men contacted by women from Russia and Ukraine, for example, often say that this is a scam. And, while others praise for the wide range of men and women they can meet and the ability to use a number of the features of the site for free, as the majority of women using the site are from Eastern Europe, customers should possibly think carefully before signing up.


  • Easy to use: 6/10
  • Easy registration: 4/10
  • Number of accounts: 5/10
  • Quality of profiles: 5/10
  • Simplicity of search: 5/10
  • Customer Support: 4/10
  • Price: 5/10
  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Free to use (mostly)
  • There is a risk of scammers
  • Long and complicated registration process
  • Financial Security: yes
  • Innovation Features: yes
  • Services Variety: yes
  • Scam: yes
  • Free photo access: yes
  • Free message sending: yes
  • Two-way video chat: yes reviews (4)

  1. Steve Aussie
    January 03, 2019 at 11:48 AM is not the dating site to use if you love your time and money. These are thieves and they don’t seem to care that you know it. I paid for my sister to use this dating site, using my credit card. I did all they asked to verify that I had allowed her to use my card since she lives in another country. They took the money and disappeared. No response for like a week now and what‘s more annoying is that they have suspended her account. I am mad because she did not even use it and they had the guts to take the cash!

  2. Joseb
    September 13, 2018 at 11:53 AM

    I have met several women on this site, and all seem to be fake, or just after money. I have met a couple of women who have told me some made up fake story, and then asked for money, which I simply ignored. To avoid such women, just keep in mind to never contact a woman who has a very beautiful or sexy profile pic, because there are huge chances that it is not her real pic, and she has put that pic only to get attention. Also, there are scammers on this site, and I know this, because even when I had not put any pic, I was getting messages like, “ you have beautiful eyes”, like REALLY??? So, new users, just be aware of these scammers. Last month I felt that I have found a decent match, I was talking to this girl for months on what app, and she seemed genuine. And, one day when I just asked her for a more personal pic, (like waving or something) she just ran away, and maybe I was just talking to a guy. Sad!

  3. dan
    July 26, 2018 at 1:00 AM

    I have tried to sign up three times already and completed a profile. But, whenever I do complete a profile some specifications are changed. Why does this happen? If my personal information is changed then it changes who I am and I would then not be able to get a good match of my choice. please assist ASAP!

  4. Claus
    April 18, 2018 at 7:03 PM

    The rating is not so bad, a lot of languages are available. My complaint is the time draining registration process. It takes forever to just create a profile and when you think you are done, your specifications are either removed or changed. Is this a scam or use of bots?

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