Handsome Men in Online Dating: Are They Less Successful?

Are handsome men less successful in online dating? It sounds surreal, but attractive men are often struggling when dating online. What are the reasons for that?

The popularity of sweet and lovely Russian brides steadily grows over the years. Where can you meet your Russian soulmate? Of course, on a dating website! And surely everyone wants to succeed in the dating field. It may sound ridiculous, but handsome men have less success at online dating. Oxford University did research in the field of online dating. Experts have concluded that men who are fully confident in their attractiveness are less popular among women on dating websites. At the same time, men that consider themselves of average attractiveness receive more messages from women. In this article, you will find the causes of this phenomenon and ways to become more successful in online dating for handsome men.

Women with Insecurities

There are several reasons why women are less active toward handsome men. First, there is the females’ constant self-doubting. You can be the true embodiment of a woman's dream, but women will still not write to you because they are not sure about their own attractiveness. You may say that there are many beautiful women on dating sites that do not need to think about their unattractiveness, but even girls of model appearance often suffer from low self-esteem. Studies have shown that 62% of women around the world feel pressure from the mass media, which demand and promote a perfect appearance. As a result, almost half of all the female population lacks self-confidence.

What can a man do in this case since the problem is common for so many women? There are several recommendations. A woman becomes confident in her beauty next to a caring man so you can easily fight her doubts. Do not be afraid to write first and show her your interest. A woman is unlikely to ignore a message from a handsome man, whom she would be afraid to write first.

A Woman Chooses an Easier Way

The second reason is the desire to avoid competition. When a woman sees the profile of a good-looking man, she imagines how many women write to him every day. How to stand out from the mass of all these girls and draw man’s attention? Should she do it? She can go the easiest way and just find a simpler man with whom she has a better chance.

In this case, you should not just write to her first but start a dialogue in an interesting and unusual way. You should show that it was her profile that you noticed. For example, if she has a photo from a drawing workshop, you can write:

Hey. Are you fond of drawing? I noticed some drawings on your profile.

It is not a must to text with a large number of women at the same time as the quality of all conversations will be low. A woman will think that you are not sincerely interested in her.

Why Does a Handsome Man Look for a Woman on the Internet?

After seeing the profile of a beautiful man, a woman will wonder why such a man meets women through the Internet? Perhaps he is looking for a woman to spend one night with? Or is there not such a perfect man that hides behind a nice profile picture? Attractive men are often seen by women as narcissistic and overly self-confident. It is difficult to build strong relationships with such people because they are always focused only on themselves. Why should the woman take a risk and waste her time?

How can you avoid a false first impression? It's simple: try not to use only perfect photos taken by a professional photographer. Photos should be natural. While filling in information about yourself, specify the purpose of creating a profile on a dating website or app. Do not leave the section about yourself empty.

Profile as a Gallery of Achievements

The biggest mistake is to praise yourself on your profile in every way possible. Modern women do not like the same types of photos with a cool car, a big house, and six pack abs showing. It's even worse if a man uploads photos where he is close to another woman.

Women find personal qualities attractive. The demonstration of physical perfection or wealth will only make things worse. Women believe that a successful man will not brag about his achievements.

How to Make an Attractive Man's Profile More Successful?

Choose the Right Photos

First of all, you need to upload the Use Your Sense of Humor

A lot of women do not pay much attention to one’s appearance. Intelligence and a sense of humor are way more important. Women are not interested in the IQ of men or their encyclopedic knowledge. They are attracted by a passion for knowledge and a man's desire to discover new things and understand the essence of things. Using your mind as a tool of world ownership; that's what excites women's imagination. It is important that she finds it interesting to talk to a man, argue, and listen to his opinion. As for the sense of humor, it’s an essential element of sexuality closely related to intelligence. Only self-confident people are able to joke and feel relaxed as this is an indicator of inner strength. People who are weak and/or insecure are afraid to be funny.

Tell Her About Your Hobbies

Your profile should show a variety of hobbies, for example, arts that you are interested in or books you’ve read in order to demonstrate your mental and creative abilities. You should describe your qualities in an interesting, concise, and humorous way. Don’t be lazy and spend some time creating your profile if you want it to grab the attention of women.

Be Active

Show how energetic you are! A woman should see that you are always up to something, want to achieve something, and have the abilities to reach these goals. A high level of energy is manifested externally as dignity, self-confidence, self-respect, and charisma as well as a passionate involvement in the business area.

To sum it up, we can say that a handsome man can succeed in online dating like any other man. It is important to create your profile seriously in order to understand how a woman sees the profile of a man. Now, that you have this knowledge you will have great potential for succeeding in online dating. Good luck!

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