Founder Tells About Mail-Order Brides Industry

There are a number of apprehensions regarding the Russian mail-order bride service. With his answers, the founder of puts all of them to rest

There’s a rich history involved with the mail-order brides in the Soviet Union. Most of thewesterners have an illusion that the Eastern European countries have become a hub for bride-seeking. Some peoplehave an opinion that the economies of countries like Ukraine, Moldova, and Russia prosper because of the mail-orderbride business.

We want to dive into the eccentricities of this business and would like to know whether it is an abnormalbusiness or the latest trend in the search for love? We came into contact with the founder of andasked him some interesting questions.

Why do people use the dating websites despite their poor reputation?

If a man is thinking of dating Russian girls online, heprobably had no luck in finding love in his home country. There is no end to beauty when it comes to Russian andUkrainian women. Moreover, most of the girls are looking for a peaceful family life outside their homeland. This isno casual dating instead, such platforms help in creating families and have little risk involved.

What is the ideal way to create relationships in the modern world?

Both the genders rely on online platforms to seek a perfect match for themselves with their own reasons todo so. The 21st centuryhas its own set of demands regarding workload and time management and all of us are struggling to fulfill them.Finding Russian or Ukrainianwomen for dating is a great way to promote international marriages. The online belarusdating platforms have made communication easy and provided a wider pool to choose from. The best part isthat the couple gets to know one another before actually meeting in real life.

Doesn’t “Find A Bride” sounds like buying a wife? What do you think?

“Find A Bride” is a simple term used by men who are looking for ukrainianwomen outside their country. They hope to find a girl in Russia or Ukraine, not with the intention to buyher but to woo her to marry them. The Eastern European girls are seeking marriage prospects and the men know thatvery well.

How can the real motives of these women be determined? goes through intensive checks to ensure that the women registering themselves are single. Wedo realize the danger of possible scamming so we go through the history of each and every woman and make sure thatthey are being honest about themselves in the profile. Before signing up, belaruswoman provides us with a copy of her ID and a video where she confirms that she is only looking for ahusband and not any kind of financial benefits. She would also need to agree with our website’s terms andconditions before we can actually put up her profile.

Are the details regarding age, weight, height etc. truthful or not?

Our policy is very straight and we know what we need to do to ensure that the moldovanwoman is not lying. We confirm the age of every one of them by checking their passports. We have such alarge database where teenagers, as well as women in their sixties, can be found. In order to verify the traitslisted on a profile, we provide the video chat facility so that all the concerns are addressed.

Do you give any kind of “marriage guarantees” to the clients?

We do know that most of the girls signing up for our platform are looking for marriage. We can share anumber of stories where men and women have been able to find perfect partners for themselves. So, marriage is areality in but honestly, there is no way of ensuring that a particular relationship will end inmarriage.

Is there any reality in the girls being paid to be fixed with western men?

We provide free services to the girls using our dating website. Our idea is no different than the commonbelief that it is the men who are supposed to pay on the dates.

What type of men do you think use your service? Can you characterize them?

Men from 18 to 70 years of age have used our platform. There is no limitation of religion, status, or race,but the only requirement is to be honest while listing their profiles just like they would like the women tobe.

The above-mentioned answers hopefully will tend to clear all the misconceptions regarding the mail-orderservice in Ukraine and Russia. There are plenty of Russian, Moldovan, and Ukrainian singles lookingfor a perfect Western partner for themselves. At, there are more than 20,000 original profilesbelonging to real women who are seeking commitment and marriage. More work is being done to ensure the authenticityof each and every profile so that worthwhile relationships can be formed from this platform.

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