If you explore the international dating market, you will probably come across tons of sites and even more. The dating sites are the best means to meet new people and start a new relationship. is no exception either. It is an international dating platform that aids Russian and Eastern European girls to date with English speaking men, preferably from the USA. If you go by the reviews, you will find mostly positive ones. As a dating agency, offers men with around 20,000 and even more women to date. There is a wide array of choices available for men. It won’t be wrong to say that it is a one-sided online dating agency where men get to sign up and join for free. They need to make a payment when they want to communicate with the lady of their choice. The company also offers interpreter and travel assistance for a minimal amount if both the partners decide to meet face to face. Main Features Reviewed

The highlighting features include:

  • Chatting live

You get the option of private chat sessions with any of the women registered with the site and currently using the Live Chat feature.

  • Sending gifts and flowers

You can send virtual as well as real gifts and flowers to the woman you are trying to impress and win her heart. This is possible with the special online shop of the site that is available.

  • The Cam Share

This is basically the webcam, where you can share your webcam and initiate a video chatting with the lady of your choice.

  • The Call Me option

In case, you are interested to talk to a lady of your choice, you get the option of Call Me feature. This allows you to directly make a call and speak with your choice.

  • The Date Me option

The Date Me option gives you the opportunity to schedule meeting for 1.5 hours. On request, and mutual consents the meeting can be extended. If necessary, an interpreter and traveling guidance will be provided by
Each and every review clearly spells out the highlighting features of the site. The features are the reasons that have made the dating site so popular in the current market where there is so fierce competition. Pro and Cons Reviewed


  • The girls are all genuine and real. Strict background checking is done before they are registered.

  • Phone translation services and experienced interpreters are provided

  • Travel assistance is also offered

  • The payment is secured


  • Often the girls fake with their names, and have no intention of any serious relationship. The same goes for the guys as well. Except for some fun and entertainment, they don’t look out for any serious relationship and taking it to the next level of commitment. Prices Reviewed

  • In case, you want to chat with a lady, it will cost you 2.99 US$ per 2 minutes.

  • The fee for “dating a lady” is US$70.

  • If you want an additional hour including an interpreter, it will charge you US$20 per hour.

Overall: Is a Scam or Trusted Site?

Overall, the dating site is simple to use and quite popular. But, one cannot avoid the scams. There are complaints that there are girls who are registered to the site and given a share of the payment the men invest to date. Often the women intentionally delay in responding so that the men wait and it drains their credits. In case, you have plans to use the dating site and meet beautiful Russian girls and other women from Eastern European nations, you need to be cautious and careful.

  • Easy to use: 4/10
  • Easy registration: 6/10
  • Number of accounts: 4/10
  • Quality of profiles: 2/10
  • Simplicity of search: 5/10
  • Customer Support: 5/10
  • Price: 3/10
  • Big base of profiles
  • Variety of services provided
  • High costs
  • Fake profiles/scammers
  • Financial Security: yes
  • Innovation Features: yes
  • Services Variety: yes
  • Scam: yes
  • Free photo access: yes
  • Free message sending: yes
  • Two-way video chat: yes reviews (12)

  1. larry
    May 24, 2019 at 12:41 PM

    “ANASTASIA DATE”/ Russian dating sites WARNING!!! First, The Moscow agency of “Anastasia Date” had years of kick back schemes with VADIM VLASYUK who was stealing men’s info and scamming them with fake contact scams for tens of thousands of dollars. Of course company denies any knowledge. Crooks never admit when caught. Secondly, all of these dating sites are criminal enterprises. Russian/Ukrainian sites are 80% fraud, only with a handful of different umbrella companies. After 10 years, three dozen trips, several dozens of girls, I am an expert. I know employees, a hundred girls, photographers, and interpreters, etc. Sadly, only about 20% of girls are serious, and many with children. There are a smattering of “ideal” girls and every man thinks he can figure out real from fake. You cannot unless you at least stick to these rules below: Then it is still finding a needle in the haystack. Not impossible, but do not think you can do it over the internet only. * Sites have elaborate real warnings for liability reasons, but then agencies maneuver around company rules to make money leaving the company held harmless, and playing dumb. * letters are 90% fakes written by agencies. Your first hundred letters of interest are only “fishing” for suckers. No gorgeous girl is answering hundreds of replies to men either way. * Do not write to a photograph/ the girl you “love” is not writing or even know who you are. * Photographers make portfolios and sell to agencies and many websites. Then Websites sell profiles again. * Chat is also fake/ if no video, not real girl/ if no video, chat is likely paid by commissions and are also fake. * Company has no control over 1000’s of agencies licensed to use name. * Many agencies have criminal employees stealing contact Info and scamming men. There is no recourse!! * Do not think you can outsmart these agencies. These people are professionals and can spin circles around almost any questions you might think to catch fakes. * The 20% of the girls are real and darling if you can luck out and hit one. TOTAL LUCK!! * Yet there are occasional lucky stories. I know a couple but tens of thousands of dollars may be necessary to figure all of this out. * Without many trips to meet in person, do not bother. Very expensive process!! * Girls not giving personal contact info for “off site” communication after a couple months, are likely fake. * After numerous fake letters written by agencies, if they see you are coming to meet, they require the girl to meet maybe once or twice, then the excuses can begin and your trip was a huge waste of money and possible heart break. * However, do not approach everyone thinking they are frauds because some real girls have been scammed by lying moron men also, and can be cautious of course. * Do not marry anyone without Pre-nup. It is impossible to know real motives until it is too late.

  2. Adrian
    April 16, 2019 at 3:07 PM

    I seriously think that the majority of the profiles on this site are fake, and the reason I think this is because they all sound the same. When I started reading through profiles I was interested in I started to notice that they were all very similar. So then I started writing to a couple of women I found attractive and it was as if I was speaking to the same person. When I asked to reach out to them on social media, I got the same excuses from all of them. What’s really going on here? I think I’m going to give up on online dating because I keep on having the same negative experiences and its getting annoying! Not only am I burning a hole in my pocket but its just a real waste of time and energy.

  3. Charli
    April 01, 2019 at 3:50 AM

    I’m not sure what kind of dating site this is, but the women don’t seem interested in getting into a relationship, they are more interested in becoming friends. I had the same experience on three different occasions and just found the whole thing really weird. Overall, the site is user friendly and really easy to use, but if you are looking for love, you’ve definitely come to the wrong place. I got sucked in because there is no membership fee like the other sites, but you have to pay $2.99 for two minutes if you want to speak to anyone which I think is a massive rip off! As you’ve probably gathered from what I’ve written, I’m not at all impressed with the site and therefore would not recommend it! Anyway, rant over!

  4. Allen
    March 20, 2019 at 2:42 AM

    This site is completely and utterly ridiculous and I would advise anyone reading this to stay away! First of all, this is definitely a scam site, the majority of profiles on here are fake! How can I message 10 women and ask them for their social media profiles and get no response? They didn’t even have the decency to make up an excuse, I simply got no answer! The joke is that I didn’t ask for this off the bat, we had been speaking for a good few weeks. I would understand if one didn’t respond, but all of them? Really! I suspect that the majority of these dating websites are ran by the same people because I am reading about too many similar experiences. I’ve had it with the online dating game, I’m going back to traditional.

  5. Leo
    March 14, 2019 at 4:49 AM

    A complete waste of time! I don’t even know what possessed me to pay their ridiculous fee of $2.99 to speak to a girl for 2 minutes! To start with, all of the profiles on this website are fake! I spoke to three women, we seemed to be getting on great, then as soon as I wanted to meet up with them, they all had an excuse! I doubt that was a coincidence, if one had an excuse, even two, I would have been like ok fine, but all of them! On top of that, the site is ridiculously difficult to navigate, now I would consider myself to be tech savvy, I know how to use a computer and find my way around the internet, but this was ridiculous! You’ve got to jump through all sorts of hoops just to get from A to B! Don’t waste your time or your money on this site.

  6. Charles
    March 03, 2019 at 2:50 AM

    I actually think this site is a scam, but the joke is that they are not even smart scammers! I have read other reviews where people have said that they were scammed but at least the sites actually tried to act like the people in the profile existed. Not with this site, they take your money and then just ignore you! I think this online dating thing has turned into one big scam, and I don’t wish to be a part of it any longer. Sites like this should be ashamed of themselves! Actually, there should be a law against this type of thing, it’s daylight robbery at its best! I’ve wasted almost $10 trying to speak to women and I haven’t made contact with anyone! Don’t go near this site, it’s a rip off!

  7. Lartey Larkai
    September 28, 2018 at 8:33 PM

    They are so beautiful and elegant

  8. Christopher
    July 18, 2018 at 7:50 AM

    This is a great platform to allow usa men to find some nice russian and eastern european girls which is almost impossible to do since they are not common to find and see where I stay . They are very beautiful and sexy. The matches are all excellent. I will give only positive remarks for this site.

  9. Christine
    July 18, 2018 at 7:42 AM

    I am a Russian girl and I was chatting regularly with a nice man from the United States o America. I was scared to talk to foreign man because I heard of many crimes and frauds but he is very sweet, gentle and respectful to me. I am looking forward to meet him soon.

  10. Raymond
    July 18, 2018 at 7:36 AM

    I am very happy to come across this kind of dating agency. It is very hard to find something like this that not only gives interested matches that go with your taste and preferance but also offers assistance. I love the work being done here, keep it up. Try it!

  11. Wouter
    July 13, 2018 at 12:34 PM

    Why do the girls come on chat saying they will be in your country soon. I always see their words as they "coming to your country soon". They don't say the name country or city but they promsse to visit you. Its very suspicious especially since the girls that say this all look the same.

  12. Jacob
    June 07, 2018 at 6:18 AM

    Completely fake ladies. They even look like models, but not like brides! I'd advice to look for another russian dating site

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